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Adam Clark’s photos from Haines

April 20, 2010

We were lucky to have Adam Clark taking some pictures of us for a couple of days in Alaska.  Adam is one of the top photographers in the industry and a hell of a good guy.  When you see pictures in the ski magazines and ads there is a good chance you are looking at one of his amazing shots. Here are some of my favorites from our trip.  Thanks Adam!

The funny part about this picture is that it was our first run of the trip and if you look closely you can see that I took a few turns, exploded, double ejected, tomahawked and finally came to a stop only to see both of my skis sliding perfectly side by side all the way down the run.  That’s me near the bottom of the picture walking down to get my skis.  If you can zoom in you can actually see my skis right next to each other below me.  You can also see that I walked down the entire run.  Super.

Skis or no skis this is a beautiful shot.

What are you guys looking at?  I just straight lined that.

Get to the choppa! (sorry, it had to be said)

ski test

Lots of smiles

Haines: Day 4 and More Pictures

April 18, 2010

Here are some more pics of the last day of the trip as well as some additional shots from the other days.

We landed on the moon!

Matt from K2 at the moment his ski comes off and he realizes he is in trouble…

Not sure how he stopped tumbling but glad he did.  Look how steep it is.

Our guide showing us how its done.

Saw a huge natural avalanche.

Here’s the video.

I just got out of the heli in this picture.  It’s amazing where they land and we get out.

Lifestyle shot.  DTBAA.

Haines: Day 2 and 3

April 15, 2010

This place is no joke. That’s what I kept saying to myself today as we skied. I have never been as gripped on skis as I was today. I forgot to bring my camera yesterday so there are only a few photos of today. There will be a lot more when I get pics from other people in the group. It turned out we had a first decent on one of the peaks.

This is where we’re staying.

Top of the 1st run of the day.

The glaciers around here are amazing.

The highest peak in this picture is the run we had the 1st decent on. I can’t describe what it was like. There really are no words to describe Alaska’s beauty, seriousness and what I was feeling at the tops so I’ll just post pictures.

Another view from the heli. We landed and got out at the top lookers left of the big face on the left.

Haines: Day 1

April 13, 2010

Traveled to Haines today.  7:45am flight from Seattle to Juneau, then a 30 minute flight in a tiny plane to Haines.  The weather looks like it might stay socked in until tomorrow afternoon so hopefully we can ski tomorrow.

That little blue plane is the one we took.  I fought the urge to make any La Bamba comments.

Part of Juneau

Just outside of Haines

Just like Full House

The view from our front porch.  Gorgeous!

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