Mica Heli Ski Trip: Day 5

Another really good day up here.  Some weather is moving in and the light got pretty flat in the afternoon and made it hard to see the snow until after you hit something.  My legs are still toast.  The best runs are before lunch for sure, when I still have some energy.  The best line of the day was also our last of the day.  A great set of small, spine-ish features.  I think everyones legs were done by this time.  I wished we hit it before lunch.  Combined with the flat light I didn’t do it justice at all.  Two or three turns and rest was all I could muster.  Not to mention all the snow I was pushing off.  I might as well have been on a snowboard.  At least I didn’t sit down in the middle of it.

Another beautiful morning.

Didn’t quite land this 360.  See below…

I think I found my new wallpaper.

E.A. and I tried out the timer function on my new camera…  It works.

It takes 3 quick pictures like a photo booth…  Who knew?

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