Japan Earthquake

Sorry for the delay in posting.  It’s been a little crazy over here.  We were sitting on a plane at the Tokyo, Narita airport waiting to fly to Sapporo to ski in Niseko on the north island of Japan when the earthquake hit.  We were very lucky to be on the plane.  Only a couple of hours earlier we would have been in the bus from Hakuba to the airport.  It felt like a pretty significant quake even sitting in the plane.  They closed and evacuated the airport so we were stuck in the plan on the runway for 5 hours until they finally let us fly.  We were VERY lucky to get out of Tokyo.  After an unplanned night in Sapporo we got to a very warm Niseko.  With all that is happening and the rain in Niseko we decided to cut our trip short and head back home.  We wanted to avoid Tokyo airports at all costs so we have 24 hours in Seoul before we catch a direct flight to Seattle.

Here are some picture from the last few days.

The views from Goryu in Hakuba

Craig and I at Goryu.  Craig is the man.

Trees at Goryu

Deep at Goryu

Nap time at Goryu

A shot of Tokyo from the bus on the way to the airport hours before the earthquake

Airport sushi.  A great idea if you are in Japan.  Not such a good idea if you are in Pittsburg

I took this about 20 minutes after the big one.  It went from sunny to rainy and cloudy.

A shot from the plane over greater Tokyo.  The traffic stretched for miles and miles.


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